Locate ESN Number Article 
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5/19/2013 9:33 AM 

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This article provides the steps necessary to obtain your ESN (Electronic Serial Number)

Additional Instructions:




1.   If you can see your Yahclick Modem you will find the ESN (Electronic Serial Number) on the back of the modem itself.


It is located between the DC Power connector and the SAT.IN connector. The ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is the seven digits number starting with 2XXXXXX.



Or Connect your Computer to Yahclick Modem directly using Ethernet cable, remove any routers if available.


2.   Open a web browser


Navigate to either or http://www.systemcontrolcenter.com in the address field

Note: Both URLs will access the terminal's SCC

3.   Click on the blue System Info button at the top of the page.



The ESN is located at the top of the page in the Identification section.



Or contact your respective Service Provider.