End User Portal 
Last modified on
5/21/2012 9:49 AM 
Introduction: The End User Portal is a tool used to manage a service plan’s bandwidth allocation
Additional Instructions: Customers can use tokens to restore accounts that have exceeded its download threshold and also view token and usage history.

Access the End User Portal

  1. Go to https://eupgateway.yahclickonline.com/

    Note: A link to this End User Portal is also available on the System Control Center (SCC)

  2. Enter the terminal's SAN
  3. Enter the Service Provider ID
  4. Click the Continue button
End User Portal Options
Option Details
Download Allowance

What the current download threshold status

  • OK - Normal Operation
  • EXCEEDED - Download threshold has been exceeded. Use a Pre-Paid Token to refresh the threshold.

    Note: User may also wait until the daily period has ended for this threshold to restart without use a token

Token History View a list of all tokens used by the customer
Usage History View prior and current month bandwidth usage information
Token Options

Tokens are used to restore a Terminal that has exceeded its bandwidth download threshold limit

  • Pre-Paid Token - Tokens previously purchased by the customer

    Note: Contact your Service Provider to purchase more Tokens

Yahsat Speed Test and Web Response Test generates upload, download speed and browser web response statistics
Status Meter Client Download a meter on the computer that displays amount of bandwidth usage